Thursday, September 12, 2013

Republic City Report

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1 comment:

  1. Best podcast of LOK ever! Timbridgewaterbender is TRUELY one of the greats. From answering email questions from his listeners to writing and rapping a song just for his listeners enjoyment on the celebration of the 25th episode. Tim throughingly explains the events in every LOK episodes,admiring the bending styles,humor,and the creators of the show. What proves the fact that Tim cares about his listeners is that he made sure he had time in his already busy schedule to do something special for the 25th episode which led to him rapping a one of a kind intro song about all 3 LOK seasons so far. Thats really amazing.

    This podcast dosent get the attention it deserves. So if you LOK fans see this podcast whenever your searching up random LOK stuff on Google search or Bing or whatever, DO NOT PASS THIS PODCAST UP! you people don't know what your missing.

    The republic city report is amazing and awesome and many more words that explain how great it is.